Energetic frequencies are emitted around us and by us all the time. Our bodies are constantly exposed to different environmental impacts, some good some not so good. Plant-based cleaning, self-care and emotional support in the form of essential oils, and powerful protective tools can help us achieve wellbeing goals and I am here to show you how.

Essential Oils from Young Living

Did you know that essential oils vibrate at frequencies that are measurable on the megahertz scale? Different oils vibrate with different frequencies which interact with our bodies and the environments we inhabit in different ways. So using different oils on our bodies and in our homes can have profound impacts on the way we feel and our overall wellness.

EMF Protection from Body Align

Body Align has developed a system that provides the Next Evolution in Wellness to help properly balance your body and build a foundation for good health. Their partnerships with medical professionals and scientists to developed a well–researched, scientifically-based energy wellness system that keeps your body perfectly balanced and functioning optimally. A system strongly supported by science and research utilizing energy wellness technology to support your body from the outside in bringing it back into balance.

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For Home, Family & Body

Young Living is committed to empowering individuals to achieve their potential and defy limitations by providing wellness and education opportunities to under-served communities.

Families deserve pristine, authentic products straight from nature. Seed to Seal is Young Living's promise that you'll get exactly that.

Enrol with me today by purchasing a Young Living Premium Starter Kit and sign up for an (optional) monthly package deal.

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EMF Protection

Full spectrum energy and wellness by Body Align is 

The Next Evolution in Wellness. Every day our bodies are challenged with environmental factors such as toxins from the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe…


On top of all these toxins, our bodies deal with harmful radiation thru the electronic devices we rely upon every day such as our Cell Phones, WiFi's, Computer Screens, Tablets, basically every single device we own. Fighting all these toxins and radiations puts massive stress on our bodies, quickly causing them to become unbalanced.

When this happens, we become vulnerable to obesity, fatigue, vitamin and immune deficiencies, and ultimately, poor health.

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