12 essential oils to go from newbie to pro

Whether you’ve been oil-obsessed for five minutes, five months, or five years, every drop of knowledge you gain about essential oils is as precious as the oil itself. You’ve already answered some important questions:

- How do I use essential oils?

- Top 10 must-have essential oils

- Cheat Sheet: A Guide to Essential Oils & Their Best Uses

- 36 Ways to Use A Bottle of Essential Oil

But how do you go from newbie to pro? One thing is for sure- every expert has two things in common: They master the basics and then they take it to the next level. Ready? Get set. Let’s learn!

Master the basics

⚫ You use Blue Cypress essential oil for its buzzworthy skin results,but did you know it’s great for a massage? It’s hard to beat an hour of relaxation that’s also working on reducing the appearance of your blemishes.

⚫ Add a drop or two of Blue Tansy to your preferred carrier oil and massage into worn-out muscles. For that oh-so-relieving cooling sensation, add a drop of Cool Azul®.

You use Lemongrass essential oil for its sunny scent, but did you know it’s a skin-cleansing superstar? Nobody’s got time for skin care products that smell awful. That’s why we’re big fans of this essential oil’s bright scent and even brighter results!

⚫ Put a drop of