7 Aussie-approved uses for Kunzea essential oil

G’day! We’re taking a trip to the land down under with one of our favourite Australians: Kunzea essential oil. Sheilas and blokes alike will defo fall in love with this fresh favourite.

What is Kunzea oil used for?

From soothing your skin to keeping outdoor spaces clear, we reckon Kunzea’s heaps of uses and benefits will surprise you. Check out some of the things we love most about this herbaceous oil.

1. Aussie awesomeness

Crikey, Australia has a lot to offer. The kunzea plant is native to the coasts of Australia and Tasmania. The oil is extracted by steam distilling the leaves, stems, and seeds. This beauty botanical is part of the myrtle family, which also features plants such as allspice, clove, and even guava.

2. An oil has many names

In true Australian fashion, there are plenty of nicknames for this bold botanical. It’s known as Kunzea ambigua in the scientific community, but it’s also called white cloud, Tasmanian kunzea, and tick bush.

3. Fresher than a day at the beach

Fair dinkum, you’ll get a breath of fresh air when you reach for this invigorating scent. We especially love using Kunzea essential oil during seasonal changes. Here are some of our favorite ways: