Go green at home: 13 simple tips for a sustainable life

Our motto: Treat every day like Earth Day and have a sustainable life!

Just like you shouldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day to show love to your friends and family, you don’t need to wait until 22nd April to show the earth how much you care. Since this lovely planet is the only home we’ve got, let’s do one or two simple things each day to yield greener, more sustainable lives.

You know the basics, so let’s start there!

Know your Rs

You’ve heard of the three Rs—reduce, reuse, recycle. At Young Living, we take our stewardship of the earth so seriously that our YL Green Team is following the updated five Rs.

  • Refuse: This one is as easy as saying no. Bottled water, to-go cups, plastic cutlery, single-use straws, plastic bags—all of these everyday items have eco-friendly replacements that are reusable—and bonus, will help you save money!

  • Reduce: Cut down on waste where you can. Everything mentioned in the refuse section above falls in this category, along with many, many items listed below.

  • Reuse: Get the most out of something before you throw it away. Forgot your reusable totes for grocery shopping at home? Don’t fret, just use the plastic bags you brought home to scoop up the dog poop, line bathroom rubbish bins, or store dirty gym clothes or wet swimsuits.

  • Recycle: Probably the R that is the easiest to remember, but a little trickier to execute. Check your local guidelines to ensure you’re recycling properly.