Food is more than just the energy we need for our bodies to function - it nourishes every cell, and if we take care with the food we're eating it also nourishes our souls and can create a beautiful moment of sharing and connection between souls.

My recipes are designed to be easy, healthy, simple, nourishing foods that you can do any night of the week no matter how tired you are so your body and soul will thank you.

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Food for freedom

What we put in our bodies fuels our life in a very literal way, but how we refuel can be another tool in our toolkit for creating a nourishing life.

Nourishment isn't just about nutrients. It's about care.

These recipes aren't all mine, some are, but they are all tested by me to make sure they are easy, affordable and really make you feel like you're providing yourself (and whomever else you might be cooking for) with a giant hug.

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