Bring the outside in with garden diffuser blends

Tall tulips lined up in a rainbow of colours, fragrant fields of lavender, and dainty daffodils blooming in the sunshine—visions like these bring back the memories and smells of gardens both real and imagined. Today, we will explore some of our favourite diffuser blends!

When you were a child, gardens set the scene for mystical fairytales and epic jungle adventures. Today, the word might evoke anything from the stately and pristine acres surrounding Buckingham Palace to the overgrown and wild greenhouses of a beloved wizarding world. Is it any wonder, then, that gardens hold such a special place in our hearts?

Whether you prefer a well-manicured English garden or a few pots of herbs in your kitchen window, you’ll love these diffuser blends that bring the garden inside!

Lavender Lane diffuser blend

Calming, refreshing, and lightly floral, the aroma of this diffuser blend makes it easy to imagine you’re in the middle of a vast violet-blue field. To get the scent just right, though, you need more than Lavender. Add a few drops of Peppermint and Lemongrass to round out Lavender’s heady fragrance.